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Chapter Officers

Riley Devlin


As President, Riley has the distinct honor of representing the chapter to the Dallas community, the Gamma Phi members, and the Fraternity at-large. She manages all executive members of the chapter and ensures that the chapter is running smoothly at all times.

  • Year: Senior
  • Hometown: Austin, TX

Nora Collins


As Vice President of Standards, Nora is responsible for holding members accountable and planning Sisterhood events.

  • Year: Senior
  • Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Audrey Alasad


As Vice President of Organization, Audrey is responsible for helping her sisters stay organized through the Chapter Calendar and by helping officers run everything smoothly. Audrey also oversees committees and leadership development.

  • Year: Senior
  • Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Katherine Poindexter


As head of Academic Excellence, Katherine enjoys working with her committee to promote scholarship, professional development, and time management skills. She is proud to lead the Gamma Phi chapter towards continued academic growth this year!

  • Year: Senior
  • Hometown: Georgia

Gini Howell


Gini is in charge of organization of attendance and handling excuses from Kappa events as well as reporting to standards. She also organizes composite pictures and manages each existing member and new member profiles in key reports and change any status when necessary. Additionally, Gini submits meeting minutes to key reports after each informal chapter, or Chapter Council meeting to be approved by Kappa Nationals.

  • Year: Junior
  • Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Riley McGlasson


Riley's duties include collecting dues, creating a budget for each section of the chapter, and ensuring financial security.

  • Year: Senior
  • Hometown: Alabama

Sophia Georgas


As Marshal, Sophia gets to help keep Kappa organized and on task. She is so excited to help out her Kappa sisters and take on the responsibility of being on the Chapter Council!

  • Year: Junior
  • Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Riley Warner

Education Chairman

As Education Chairman, Riley plans guest speakers for chapter meetings and coordinates senior programming.

  • Year: Junior
  • Hometown: Georgia

Carson Sherman

Event Chairman

Carson's passion for being social and being involved in Kappa makes her the perfect Event Chairman! She enjoys using her creative side to plan and organize events for our chapter!

  • Year: Senior
  • Hometown: Houston, Texas

Mary Chandler McGuffin

House Chairman

As House Chairman, Mary Chandler enjoys spending time with Mom Jill, and overseeing house duties and activities.

  • Year: Senior
  • Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Hadley Richards


Hadley's love for Kappa and meeting new people has led her to be our Membership Chairman. She looks forward to meeting next year's Potential New Members.

  • Year: Senior
  • Hometown: California

Chloe Davenport

New Member Chairman

Chloe works closely with the new pledge welcoming them, getting them initiated and making sure they are familiar with all things kappa! Chloe enjoys forming special bonds with the new pledge class and welcoming them to the "best four years of their lives."

  • Year: Senior
  • Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Lauren Corbett

Panhellenic Delegate

As Panhellenic Delegate, Chloe enjoys representing Kappa on the College Panhellenic Council and promoting Panhell love on campus and within the chapter!

  • Year: Junior
  • Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Ashley Owens

Philanthropy Chairman

With a love for service, Ashley puts her passion into action as our Philanthropy Chairman. She plans philanthropy events for the chapter and makes sure our members have the resources to get involved in the community.

  • Year: Junior
  • Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Gray Bertuccio

Public Relations Chairman

Gray is so excited to manage all social media outlets for the chapter and help represent Kappa! Her favorite color is blue (on blue), so naturally Kappa is her favorite part of college. With a love for aesthetic, stickers, pins, and all things Kappa, Public Relations Chairman is a perfect fit for Gray.

  • Year: Junior
  • Hometown: Houston, Texas

Chloe White

Risk Management Chairman

As Risk Management Chairman, Chloe deals with Kappa contracts as well as making sure everyone in the sorority is staying safe in all Kappa activities.

  • Year: Senior
  • Hometown: Philadelphia

Maggie Leonard


As Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chairman, Maggie is in charge of examining the conditions of sisterhood and actively working to remove barriers that hinder sisters' success and well-being.

  • Year: Junior
  • Hometown: Cold Spring Habor, New York